Ryan Erskine

Ryan Erskine
Brand Strategist

Ryan Erskine is a Brand Strategist and Account Director at Superunion, where he helps companies create more powerful and valuable brands. He previously served as Account Director at Starfish and Director of Client Services at BrandYourself, where he led teams that developed and executed client campaigns at the intersection of digital marketing, brand development, online reputation, and SEO. Ryan has helped rebrand or expand online images for public companies, mid-market businesses, and high-growth startups. He is the author of “Online Reputation Management: The 28 Day Challenge” and his writing about personal branding and reputation management has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Reader’s Digest, and HuffPost.

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Ryan Erskine is a Brand Strategist with experience at the intersection of digital marketing, brand development, online reputation, and SEO. In this guide, he hones in on two main ways companies can improve their online brand: through better presence on review sites, and through better-branded search results. For both areas, he explains how companies can make sure positive results are the most visible.


Areas of Expertise

Auditing and Improving Online Presence
Ryan can assess and help companies improve their presence within search results and all types of review sites, including employee-focused sites (like Glassdoor), broad review sites (like Google Reviews), software-focused review sites (like G2), and industry-specific review sites.
Company Branding and Positioning
For companies that are new-to-market or refreshing their brand, Ryan’s branding work extends beyond online reputation to cover the sum total experiences a customer, employee, or partner might have with your brand, including visual components, messaging, etc.

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