Paul Zeckser

Paul Zeckser
Marketplace and Product Expert, Former SVP Product Development at HomeAdvisor

Paul Zeckser is the Vice President of Product Development at Sealed, a climate tech company on a mission to stop home energy waste. He previously founded Fresh Product Design, a full-service product strategy and development consultancy as well as led product at HomeAdvisor, the two-sided home services marketplace, where he was responsible for setting the direction for product management, product design, and product analytics teams. He grew with the company from ~$200M valuation to $6B valuation.

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Paul Zeckser led product ad HomeAdvisor from 2011-2020 as well as founded Fresh Product Design, a full-service product strategy and development consultancy. He is now the VP of Product Development at Sealed. In this guide he lays out how product, sales and marketing and operations should coordinate to scale marketplaces. He covers metrics to track, how to think about matching, and guidelines for monetizing marketplace transactions.


Areas of Expertise

Scaling Product Orgs
Paul has extensive experience hiring for product management, product design, analytics, and engineering talent. He helped build a team of 250 product and engineering employees at Home Advisor. He can advise on who to hire, in what order, and what to look for in each role.
User Research
At Fresh Product Design, Paul and his team drive extensive user feedback sessions, competitive analysis, data deep dives, and prototyping to develop the knowledge that is foundational to building the right strategy.
Product Analytics
Data is key to a successful marketplace. Paul can advise on what metrics to track, and how to stand up a strong analytics function, and how to build analytics into the culture of the organization.
Scaling Product From Startup To 25+ People
Paul often serves as a part-time head of product for growing, early-stage startups. He can help teams create processes to run scrum, set up tools to use, plan board communication, and more.

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