Navid Zolfaghari

Navid Zolfaghari
Sales leader focused on technical products

Navid is the Vice President of Sales at Branch, a cross-platform linking and attribution solution company and was previously the head of strategic accounts at Boomerang Commerce, an omni-channel pricing and assortment management software provider. Navid has worked in sales orgs as small as PinPoint Mobile, the ad attribution app he founded, and as large as Google.

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Areas of Expertise

Motivating Sales Teams
Navid can advise on a spectrum of tactics, from building culture and morale to managing against performance. He can also share advice on what he’s seen that has and hasn’t worked in terms of sales compensation that aligns incentives.
Building Negotiation-savvy Sales Teams
Navid believes in investing to make sure his teams are business and negotiation savvy. People view negotiation as an end-stage activity, but it happens at each stage of the sales cycle - from the first interaction, during mid-funnel conversations, to closing the deal. For instance, the pricing negotiation actually starts early in the sales cycle - being able to understand and quantify the pain, understand the prospect’s alternatives, and anchor along the way sets you up for success at the end of the deal.

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