Kyle Morris

Kyle Morris
Sales Operations leader with experience at B2B software companies with 2 to 10,000+ employees

Kyle is the founder of two sales ops-related companies: Kicksaw, a sales ops consulting firm, and SifData, a tool for tracking contacts’ job changes. He previously led sales operations at Gigya, a CX platform acquired by SAP, where he owned everything from Salesforce development to process improvement to business metrics. Kyle is a former Army Ranger who entered tech as an SDR, going on to lead and grow his sales development team from 7 to 75 reps.

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Areas of Expertise

Structuring Marketing Tools
Kyle can advise on optimizing marketing automation tools like Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot.
Data Enrichment
One arm of Kyle’s consulting firm, Kicksaw, is a data enrichment team of 50+ in the Philippines and 20+ in the US and Canada. He can discuss what data to collect, different mechanisms for capturing it, and how to use data automation to make sales teams more productive.

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