Kristi Faltorusso

Kristi Faltorusso
Customer Success Leader specializing in helping SaaS businesses scale to $100M in ARR

Kristi is currently the VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess, a customer success platform that helps SaaS companies manage customers and reduce churn. She specializes in building out customer success at hyper-growth companies on their way to $100M in ARR, and has built teams with as few as 3 and as many as 36 CSMs. Kristi has previously led Customer Success at IntelliShift, an Industrial IoT and Fleet Operations Management provider, BetterCloud, a SaaSOps platform for IT professionals, and Sisense, a business intelligence software company and is a founding member of Gain Grow Retain, a community for Customer Success Leaders.

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Kristi Faltorusso is currently the VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess and has previously led the function at IntelliShift, BetterCloud, and Sisense. Her specialty is scaling customer success at hyper-growth companies on their way to $100M in ARR. In this playbook, she explains how CS teams can craft repeatable playbooks to handle common scenarios. She lays out four families of CS playbooks: risk, expansion, lifecycle, and objectives.


Areas of Expertise

Building and Scaling CS Teams
Kristi has built CS teams ranging from 3 CSMs to a global team of 36 CSMs at companies with between $20-100M in ARR.
Creating a Customer Health Score
Kristi’s approach to health scores is different from some common approaches; her scores start all customers in the “red” zone, with scores improving as customers start to engage and adopt. She prefers this approach because it removes the “red stigma.” A health score in the red isn’t a negative reflection on the CSM, it just means there’s work to do.
High-touch and Self-guided Onboarding
Kristi has built out both CSM-led onboarding and specialized onboarding teams, along with the processes to support the onboarding process. She can also advise on how to use tech tools (a combination of a customer success tool, a product experience tool, and an LMS) to create self-guided onboarding experiences.

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