Joe Casson

Joe Casson
Solutions Engineering Leader with experience at B2B software companies with 9-500+ employees

Joe is the Director of Solutions Engineering at, a conversational marketing tool that integrates with Salesforce. He previously managed solutions engineering at Optimizely, where he built and led a team of 6 solutions engineers.

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Joe Casson is the Director of Solutions Engineering at and previously managed solutions engineering at Optimizely. In this guide, he explains that good technical discovery prevents customer dissatisfaction and services inefficiency once it comes time to implement customers. He outlines what to ask prospects and how to weave technical discovery into the sales process.


Areas of Expertise

Building a Solutions Engineering Function
Joe has the experience of being the first and only SE, and can advise on building out the key capabilities of the function, including demoing, creating technical documentation and technical blog content, early-stage customer onboarding.
Growing an SE Team
Joe has hired SEs of all ranges in experience, from brand new to 8+ years in the role. He can advise on how to properly train new employees efficiently as well as how to keep tenured employees engaged and productive.
Technical Documentation
Joe can advise companies on creating technical documentation, for both internal and external audiences, including content technical blogs.
Building a Demo Environment
Demoing is a key solutions engineering capability, and Joe can advise on creating a demo environment for the sales team within the company’s own application.

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