Jim Morris

Jim Morris
Product Management Coach

Jim is a coach for Product Management leaders and teams in early stage startups, tech companies and Fortune 100 corporations. He helps companies achieve product-market fit and accelerate growth. Previously, he co-founded PowerReviews which grew to 1,200+ clients and sold for $168 million. He product-managed and architected one of the first ecommerce systems at Fogdog.com which had a $450 million IPO. He graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science.

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Jim Morris is the founder of the Product Discovery Group, through which he coaches product teams on idea development, user research, and testing with rapid prototypes. In this guide he explains how to use product discovery to test for value, viability, feasibility, and usability continuously, to minimize waste of precious development resources.


Areas of Expertise

Design Sprints
A sprint is a valuable and repeatable way to jump-start or learn discovery techniques, and Jim is a seasoned sprint facilitator.
Rapid Prototyping
Jim can help teams get feedback from users sooner by coaching them to build quick, “realistic enough” prototypes that gauge true user interest. Companies take on unnecessary risk by building pixel-perfect designs without first getting customer reactions.

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