Jen Flanagan

Jen Flanagan
Sales operations leader with experience at organizations with 12-1,500+ employees

Jen Flanagan is Director of Sales Operations at Ordergroove, a relationship commerce software company. She previously managed Salesforce for Bank of America Merchant Services as a VP of Business Information and at Yodle, an online marketing platform, where she was Operations Director. Jen has experience building Salesforce instances around sales, marketing, and service team processes, from first-time build-outs to high-complexity instrumentations.

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Jen Flanagan is the Director of Sales Operations at Ordergroove, and has built or advised on dozens of Salesforce instances. In this guide, she explains what Salesforce can do natively, with integrations, and with customization and outlines, how Salesforce objects work and how to think about the right setup for your business.


Areas of Expertise

Sales Operations
Jen can advise on sales operations beyond Salesforce including rep training and compensation management.
Marketing Process Design
When it comes to marketing ops, the stack almost always needs to expand beyond Salesforce to including marketing automation and data tools. Jen can consult on designing lead management processes and building the tech infrastructure to support it.
Service Process Design
Jen can help teams who want to use Salesforce for customer support, success, and implementation think about how to develop the right processes for their business within their Salesforce instance.

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