Greg Myers

Greg Myers
Payments Ecosystem Expert with experience working with software companies from 3 to 1,000’s of employees

Greg is the creator and host of the Monetize your Payments podcast and the Leaders in Payments Podcast. He is also the Founder of Actio Insights, a payments marketing strategy firm. Greg was previously CEO of, a media platform dedicated to the payment facilitator ecosystem, and held marketing leadership roles at First Data and JP Morgan Chase.

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Greg Myers is a payments ecosystem expert and the host host of the Monetize your Payments podcast. In this guide, he outlines the different types of payment processor relationship options available to software companies, along with the risks, benefits, and considerations that come with each.


Areas of Expertise

Evaluating Processing Partners
Greg has deep connections within the payments processing ecosystem and can help evaluate whether a processing partner can really meet a software company’s needs, especially in the more nascent field of white-labeled partnerships.
Setting Payments Strategy
Greg can help companies think through their holistic payments strategy, including level-setting on the level of effort required to succeed, whether and who to hire as an in-house specialist, and how to get the most out of a processing partnership.
Moving Portfolios Over and Driving Adoption
A challenging aspect of payments success is managing a software company’s customers and customers’ customers. Greg can advise on how to successfully ramp adoption of a new system, or transition a portfolio from one processing system to another.

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