Emilia D'Anzica

Emilia D’Anzica
Customer Success Leader

Emilia D’Anzica, MBA, PMP, is the founder of GrowthMolecules, a management consulting firm focused on revenue and customer success advisory services and training. She was previously Chief Customer Officer at Copper and Vice President of Customer Engagement at WalkMe, leading customer success, support, training, renewals, community, and account growth. Emilia is a serial board advisor and executive coach. Recognized globally as a top 25 leader in Customer Success, she is also an author and keynote speaker who strives to inspire her audience with storytelling from the trenches.

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Emilia D’Anzica is the founder of GrowthMolecules, a customer success and customer marketing consultancy. She previously led CS at Copper and WalkMe. In this guide, she explains how customer journey mapping can help companies plan and optimize their customers’ experience from onboarding to expansion.


Areas of Expertise

CS Org Structure and Capacity Modeling
Advising on team structure, roles, responsibilities, and job descriptions across the sub-functions of customer success, including success, support, and customer marketing.
Building CS Playbooks
Helping companies design the right- success plans for tech-touch, mid-touch, and high-touch segments.
CS Data and Technology
Establishing customer and revenue data consistency and accessibility, as well as advising on tech stack adjustments that allow for business insights and team maturity.

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