Boaz Maor

Boaz Maor
Customer Success Leader with experience at B2B software companies from 47 - 1,800+ employees

Boaz currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech, an SMB point of sale software provider. He’s previously led customer success at OpenGov, a provider of core operating software for local governments, Mashery, an enterprise API management platform (acquired by Intel), newScale, an enterprise ERP4IT software provider (acquired by Cisco) and FreeMarkets, the innovator of B2B reverse auctions (IPO). Boaz has experience launching brand new customer success teams, as well as scaling the function to lead teams of more than 200 across customer success, support, and Professional Services/implementation, and Knowledge Mgt/Training.

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Boaz Maor currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech and has previously led customer success at OpenGov, Mashery, newScale, and FreeMarkets. In this guide, he discusses the role of Customer Success, how to structure a CS team as a company grows, and what metrics to track to measure success.


Areas of Expertise

Goal-setting for Customer Success Teams
Boaz can advise on how to develop a super-strong system for Customer Success that starts with a foundational vision and mission. It's then translated into measurable objectives with sophisticated means to combine and weigh the different objectives CS teams juggle to create strong performance metrics and compensation plans.
Building Low-touch or Tech-touch CS Teams
For companies that have lower ASPs and can’t afford high-touch CS teams, providing proactive guidance, advice, and support is a challenge. Boaz can advise on how to hire and equip CSMs who can use tech tools to scale their reach.
Customer Marketing
Boaz can share perspective on how customer success and marketing should work together to engage the existing base in support of retention and upsell efforts.
Customer HealthScore and Customer Maturity Index:
Boaz assesses customers' states (what data to collect and how to analyze it to be practical and useful) and what to do about them (playbook strategy).

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