Anna Furmanov

Anna Furmanov
Startup marketing expert

Anna FurmaAnna Furmanov is the founder of Fumanov Marketing Consulting, helping VC backed B2B startups with their marketing foundation, strategy, content, and demand generation. She’s also the host of the Modern Startup Marketing podcast. Anna has previously led growth marketing teams at Elevate K-12 and Fooda and was on the growth marketing team at Groupon.

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Anna Furmanov is the founder of Fumanov Marketing Consulting, through which brings strategy, content, and demand gen expertise to B2B startups. In this guide, she explains what demand gen means in early-stage startups, and how to set a marketing strategy foundation.


Areas of Expertise

Content Strategy
Anna can advise startups on their content strategy, including how to pick topics and how to re-package and re-use content to get the most out of each piece.
Testing Marketing Channels
Anna can guide startups through evaluating channel options, starting with competitive analysis and brainstorming through prioritization, testing and refinement.
Website Design
To help companies make the most of their websites as a marketing asset, Anna can help with buyer persona development, keyword research, and building out key pages.
Marketing Foundation
Anna helps companies conduct voice of the customer research in order to build out persona(s), positioning, and messaging that's used consistently across all marketing assets.

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