Andrew McCotter-Bicknell

Andrew McCotter-Bicknell
Competitive Positioning and Product Marketing Expert

One of the top voices in B2B Competitive Intelligence, Andy McCotter-Bicknell helps businesses build programs that crush their competitors. He’s the current Head of Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp, and the former Head of Competitive Intelligence at ZoomInfo. He has enabled hundreds of individuals to win competitive deals.

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Andrew McCotter-Bicknell is the Head of Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp and was previously the Head of Competitive Intelligence at ZoomInfo. In this guide, he explains how to research your competitive landscape and arm sales and marketing teams with powerful competitive intelligence.


Areas of Expertise

Scaling Competitive Programs
Andrew can help you establish the processes needed to get a competitive program off the ground—the research you’ll need to conduct, relationships you’ll need to establish, deliverables you’ll need to create, and the mindset you’ll need to have.
Creating Battlecards That Sellers Actually Want to Use
Andrew can review or craft battlecards that salespeople will actually use and benefit from, anchoring on quick dismiss quotes, email templates, and product comparisons.
Working with Review Marketplaces
Andrew can advise on how to work with marketplaces like G2 and TrustRadius to optimize your category placement and help you determine your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses based on their reviews.

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