Product-led go-to-market strategy expert

Myk is the Director of Product Management focused on Growth & Acquisition at Freedom Financial Network. 

For the past 12 years, he’s been a product-led growth and go-to-market strategy consultant, author, and advisor (read more He previously held product and marketing growth roles at Google, Barracuda, Aptrinsic, and Appodeal.


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Other Areas of Expertise

Product Experience with Product-led Strategy
Myk can advise on how to deliver personalized product experiences by bringing together customer information, trigger timing or actions, message, and channel to deliver contextual engagement.
Strategic Communication
Myk can help companies think about their strategic messaging map, starting with broad positioning messaging, broken down by target customer types and values delivered.
Tracking Customer Acquisitions
Myk can advise on tracking the customer acquisition funnel to help companies design, analyze and optimize their acquisition processes.

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