Maggie Callahan

Maggie Callahan

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Sales Enablement and Strategy Leader

Maggie is the Senior Director of Revenue Enablement at Convercent, an ethics and compliance software provider, where she owns sales training, onboarding, and methodology implementation. Since joining, she’s re-trained the entire sales team to help the company increase conversion rates to almost 10% at every sales stage. Maggie previously grew through the BDR and AE ranks to run sales enablement at Four Winds Interactive, a digital signage software provider.


Maggie Callahan has led revenue enablement at Convercent and Four Winds Interactive, overseeing training and onboarding for 80+ AEs and SDRs. In this guide, she explains the key components of sales onboarding and how to design a repeatable process.


Other Areas of Expertise

Business Development Enablement
Maggie has run enablement for business development (SDRs/BDRs) at both Convercent and Four Winds and can advise on onboarding, continued training, and career development (including the creating an BDR to AE pipeline).
Sales Leadership Coaching
Maggie deployed sales leader coaching at Convercent, helping sales leaders run better 1:1s, grow their operating cadence acumen, and drive sales methodology innovation.

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