Lori Harmon

Lori Harmon
High-velocity sales leader with experience at B2B software companies from 7 to 100K+ employees

Lori is currently Global Head of Business Development at Cloudflare. She previously was the Vice President of Global Digital & Virtual Sales at NetApp, where she led a team of 140 and a $20M P&L as well as built sales teams at companies including VeriSign, BlackBerry, and Contrast Security. Lori has been the first sales hire at early startups, and helped teams at public companies achieve revenue targets of up to $1B. She is the author of the book “42 Rules for Building a High-Velocity Inside Sales Team”.

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Lori is currently the Global Head of Business Development at Cloudflare. She has built high-velocity sales teams at companies across the growth spectrum, from joining early startups as the first sales hire to helping public companies achieve revenue targets of $1B. In this guide she outlines how high-velocity sales teams should design their sales org, set up their processes and leverage tech tools to drive efficiency and productivity.


Areas of Expertise

Lori can help teams think about the right sales stages, setting good stage entry and exit criteria, and overlaying forecasting methodology onto sales stages. It’s key that across different reps and different teams, everyone means the same thing when they talk about stages and likelihood to close.
Tools for High Velocity Sales
The tech stack is especially important for the more prescriptive processes that characterize high-velocity sales. Lori can advise on which tool categories to use and which vendors to evaluate for needs like chatbots, prospecting, lead research, call reviews, and forecasting.
Deal Strategy
From how do you get in, to what your expansion and upsell strategy should be, to who you should involve in the process, and how to get the deal done, Lori can help think about the deal strategy that should inform team structure and processes.
Hiring and Org Design
Lori has built and advised dozens of high-velocity teams and can advise on org structure, job specifications, hiring criteria, compensations plans, and other aspects of designing a high-performing team.

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