Lianne Gong

Lianne Gong

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Sales recruiter with experience hiring hundreds of sellers across B2B software companies with 90-1,500+ employees

Lianne specializes in sales and executive recruiting, and she’s currently a Sr. Recruiter at Gong. She previously served as a Sr. Sales Recruiter at B2B tech companies including Pluralsight, Zscaler, Anaplan, and SuccessFactors. In a decade of sales recruiting across companies, Lianne has hired hundreds of sellers (and reviewed thousands of candidates).


Lianne is a sales recruiter with experience hiring hundreds of sellers for companies like Gong, Pluralsight, Zscaler, Anaplan, and SuccessFactors. In this guide, she outlines what to look for when hiring SMB, Mid-market, and Enterprise AE’s, how to apply outreach and sequencing best practices to recruiting, and how to close great candidates.


Other Areas of Expertise

Outreach Sequencing for Recruiting
Lianne is experienced in using marketing outreach best practices to successfully and efficiently convert candidates. She can advise on tools to use, and how to design recruiting cadences.
Developing Recruiting Process
For sales and non-sales roles alike, Lianne can help companies to define interview processes, who’s involved, what the scorecard is/how you evaluate candidates, and how you present offers.
Talent Budgeting and Leveling
Lianne has experience with the spec-creation side of hiring and can help companies formalize their thinking around role-creation as they scale, including budgeting, leveling, and comp FP&A implications.
Executive Recruiting
In addition to hiring for individual reps, Lianne can advise on recruiting and winning go-to-market executives.

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