Jason Bay

Jason Bay

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Outbound sales coach and trainer for B2B sales teams

Jason is the Founder and Chief Prospecting Officer of Blissful Prospecting, an agency that provides systems and coaching for outbound sales teams. He’s worked with B2B companies with 12 to 5,000+ employees, and specializes in helping SDRs and AEs breakthrough to decision-makers, nail messaging, and build a consistent scalable pipeline. Jason has previously held sales and marketing roles, building and training a team of 20+ outbound sellers.


Jason Bay is the Founder and Chief Prospecting Officer of Blissful Prospecting, a company that provides training and coaching for outbound sales teams. In this guide, he lays out how cold-calling teams can zero in on the right prospects to target, develop repeatable outreach sequences, and consistently generate meetings with a “prospect first, me second” mentality.


Other Areas of Expertise

Building an Outbound Playbook
To scale an outbound function, it’s crucial for teams to codify what type of prospects make good targets, which sequences convert, and how to handle objects that come up frequently. Jason can help teams craft their own playbooks and augment them with sales coaching resources.
Building a Lead Database
Jason can advise on the tooling and processes that go into building and maintaining a strong database that serves as the foundation for scalable, personalized, outreach.
Outbound Coaching and Training
Jason regularly runs prospecting boot camps for individuals and companies. His instruction centers on effective cold outreach planning, minimizing call reluctance, and turning yet another meeting request into an education opportunity the prospect actually wants.

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