Heidi Vandermeer

Heidi Vandermeer
Account Based Marketing Leader with experience running campaigns against lists from 5 to 10K accounts

Heidi currently leads the team for account-based marketing (ABM), campaigns, and events at Security Compass, a SaaS cybersecurity company. She previously built the ABM function at Uberflip, a content experience platform. Heidi has run strategic, one-to-one “bespoke” ABM programs on lists as small as 5 accounts, and one-to-many “programmatic” ABM campaigns on lists as large as 10,000 accounts. Heidi is the managing director of ABM Toronto, an account-based marketing meetup, has won an ABMie award for best ABM campaign at scale, and spoken about ABM at multiple conferences including the SiriusDecisions Summit (Forrester).

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Heidi Vandermeer has led account-based marketing at Security Compass and Uberflip, and has won an ABMie award for best ABM campaign at scale. In this guide, she shares how to select an ABM account list, and how marketing and sales should work together to execute ABM campaigns.


Other Areas of Expertise

One-to-one & One-to-few ABMk
In addition to running ABM at scale, Heidi has run bespoke and one-to-few ABM campaigns at multiple companies and can advise on what mix of ABM is right for you. She can consult on high-touch tactics for both new deals and expansion, to strategically expand to new divisions at established customers, and to land net-new million dollar accounts.
Measuring ABM
ABM metrics are not identical to traditional demand gen metrics, and Heidi can help you define the right ones. She can also discuss the reporting side: how to report on ABM in your CRM, setting up dashboards and automations specific to ABM, and low to layer in more sophisticated attribution tools (e.g. using an ABM platform or other tools).
ABM Tech Stack
Whether you have a large or small budget for ABM, Heidi has expertise in using and building tech stacks needed for managing, executing, and measuring ABM programs.

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