David Demres

David Demres
Business operations leader with experience at B2B software companies with 70-300+ employees

 David is Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development at AutoQuotes, a SaaS Quote to Cash provider, and previously served as Vice President of New Markets at Light Wave Dental as a part of Alpine Investors’ CEO-in-Training program. Across roles, he’s helped integrate 10+ add-on acquisitions. Earlier in his career, David also worked at Yale University and the Boston Consulting Group, and he earned an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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David Demres is Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development at AutoQuotes, where he’s responsible for M&A. Across similar previous roles, he’s helped integrate 10+ add-on acquisitions. In this guide, he explains how to plan for a successful add-on integration from pre-close planning to full integration 90-180 days later. David covers financial, operational, technical, and communications aspects of the integration process.


Other Areas of Expertise

David has led functional roles in M&A, Partnerships, Business Development, and Marketing. He has also served in a Chief of Staff capacity and led culture and strategic planning.
Culture and Strategic Planning
Every organization should proactively articulate its vision, mission, cultural values, and how they intend to operate and connect that organizational DNA to its long and medium-term strategy. David can help companies with their strategic planning cadence, cascading from company goals to function goals to individual goals for complete alignment within a company.
Strategic Partnerships
Partners can be a substitute for or forerunner to acquisition targets. They can also be an accelerant to lead generation and an essential part of your GTM strategy. David has stood up for partnership programs before, and can advise on strategy for all types, from technology partnerships to referral partnerships.
Add-On Acquisitions
Inorganic growth can be an extremely effective lever for transforming your organization by building scale, adding critical products or technologies to your portfolio, and entering a new market quickly. David can help companies create acquisition criteria, build a sourcing engine, approach a company to secure an LOI, and execute an effective diligence process.

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