Anita Toth

Anita Toth
Customer Success and Voice of the Customer Expert

Anita Toth is a Customer Success expert specializing in Voice of the Customer. She draws on 20+ years of academic experience in human behavior to help B2B companies get to know their customers’ needs and use that knowledge to create amazing customer experiences. Anita is also a community leader. She is a board member of the largest Customer Success Community – Gain Grow Retain. She is also a Customer Success educator through SuccessCoaching.

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Anita Toth is a Customer Success expert specializing in Voice of the Customer customer feedback. In this guide, she covers qualitative Voice of the Customer research techniques, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, listening tours, customer advisory boards, and testimonials.


Areas of Expertise

Difficult Customer Conversations
Anita coaches CSMs on how to manage tough customer conversations, like in the aftermath of a company mistake, or when the customer isn’t accepting recommendations that will help them succeed.
Predictive Churn Analysis
Anita’s self-titled company (Anita Toth Inc) conducts predictive analysis to help companies predict which of their customers are most likely to churn.
Running Voice of the Customer Research
Anita’s company is a full-service customer feedback agency. We run surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other Voice of the Customer research activities on behalf of our clients.

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