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What is the OneGuide platform?

OneGuide helps growth stage companies find tactical advisors. We interview experienced operators to get some of the specific guides in their heads synthesized in writing. Then, founders and leadership teams can browse guides, and set up calls with experts they want to consult. For example, OneGuide could help leaders find someone to evaluate sales quotas, to review candidates for a demand gen position, or to advise on rolling out a price increase.

What does a guide look like?

Each guide is a Q&A style content piece, around 2,000 words long on how to implement specific best practices related to growing a B2B software business. Guides are not aimed at helping individual contributors achieve mastery, rather they’re meant to help founders and leadership teams hire for, plan for, and manage their functions. Here’s a sample.

How much work is it to author a guide?

Authoring a guide just requires sitting down for a 60-minute interview (no prep work) – we take the interview transcript and edit it into a content piece for the expert to review and approve.

What type of companies are seeking advice on the platform?

The initial focus is on high-growth B2B software companies with $1-25M in ARR. Most advice seekers are CEOs or go-to-market leaders at PE of VC backed companies (Seed through Series B stage). 

What type of experts does OneGuide look for?

Guide experts are functional leaders (CXOs, VPs, Sr. Directors) who can advise on tactical best practices specific to their functions. Currently OneGuide’s content centers on go-to-market functions including sales, marketing, revenue operations, sales enablement, monetization, and customer success. The majority of experts hold full-time operating roles and advise and mentor on the side, and a minority are full-time consultants or freelancers. We love to find experts who are thought leaders in their space, and also write, speak at conferences, podcast, etc.

How are you building up the demand side of the platform?

PE and VC firms are constantly looking for advisors who can help accelerate growth at their portfolio companies, so we’re bringing together a network of PE and VC firms that invest in B2B software.

What type of advisory engagements does OneGuide facilitate?

Guide engagements take two forms: one-off calls and ongoing advising. Advice-seekers can schedule a call with an advisor to ask questions about how a guide applies to their business, or if the need is more involved (e.g. a company wants sustained advice around a big product launch, or a CEO is looking for a mentor for a green Customer Success leader), experts can contract with users to provide monthly advising.

Are experts paid for advisory calls (how much)?

Yes, calls are paid (and it doesn’t cost anything to be listed as an expert on the platform). OneGuide works on a credit system; each credit is $80. Experts can choose how many credits they want to charge for a 60-minute call; most charge 1-3 credits ($80-240). We expect that 1-credit experts will get the highest call volume.

How does OneGuide make money?

OneGuide charges advice-seekers a subscription fee to access the platform and takes a 15% commission when experts cash out their credits.

What terms do advisors agree to?

OneGuides’s full Terms of Service can be found on our website. A few of the key terms for experts to be aware of are:

  • OneGuide owns the written content piece from the expert interview, which can’t be published elsewhere without approval
  • Experts agree not to participate in any consultation that would breach obligations to which they are subject (e.g. non-disclosure agreement, employment agreement, or non-compete agreement)
  • Experts agree not to disclose any confidential information that they learn on client calls

Can I share my guide with my network?

Yes! We’ll give you a special sharing link. Most visitors to the OneGuide website won’t be able to view full text guides unless they’re a member, but each author receives a “preview” link that can be shared with their network (similar to a Google Doc link, which anyone with the link can view). Experts can share their preview link via email, post it to LinkedIn, link to it on a personal blog, etc.

I have a full-time job. What’s the commitment to be an advisor?

Our goal is to make OneGuide flexible enough that operating experts can easily advise on the side. We can work with experts to send a manageable call request volume, and schedule calls at convenient times. However, we are looking for experts who are willing to do at least a few hour-long 1:1 advisory calls per quarter.

Will I know who I’m advising (and can I decline to advise a competitive company)?

Yes and yes. Unlike some expert networks, OneGuide doesn’t offer blind calls. Experts will always know who they’re advising and can decline to advise any company that’s too close a competitor.

I know peers who are also interested in advising. Can I refer them?

Definitely! Send recommendations of thoughtful B2B sales, marketing, revenue operations, monetization, and customer success leaders to

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