Product Marketing

Managing B2B Product Launches and Releases

Mary Sheehan has help product marketing leadership roles at Adobe and SocialChorus. In this guide, she describes how to prepare for, coordinate, and measure product launches of all types, from routine releases to major new offerings.
Mary Sheehan
Mary Sheehan

Mary is a marketing leader at Adobe, where she currently leads engagement and retention marketing for Acrobat SMB and student, and previously led product marketing at the Advertising Cloud. She’s also held product marketing roles at SocialChorus, AdRoll, and Google. Mary is the host of the Women in Product Marketing podcast.

Positioning and Launching a New Product

Dan Murphy has led product marketing at Privy and Drift, where he’s overseen over 70 product launches and more than a dozen large, new product launches. In this guide, he walks through how to position and launch major new offerings, including new products, products introduced to new verticals, acquired products, and important partnerships.
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy

Dan currently leads brand and product marketing at Privy, the #1 reviewed sales app in the Shopify App Store. He started his marketing career at HubSpot and was previously Director of Product Marketing at Drift, a conversational marketing platform, where he grew with the company from 45 to 400 employees. Across companies, he’s managed 70+ product launches, including a dozen major launches. Dan has developed a Product Launch Masterclass video course and co-authored the book “This Won’t Scale” with Drift CMO Dave Gerhardt, on the company’s marketing plays.

Hiring a Product Marketer

Ryan Goldman is the Vice President of Product Marketing at SoundCloud and has led marketing or product marketing at Pendo, Sentry, SignalFx, and Cloudera, and over the course of his career, he's managed or hired 15+ B2B product marketers. In this guide, he explains how to find a product marketer who can serve as a bridge between the product, the sales org, and the market.
Ryan Goldman
Ryan Goldman

Ryan is the Vice President of Product Marketing at SoundCloud, and has previously held product marketing leadership roles at SoundCloud, Pendo, Sentry, Signal FX, and Cloudera.  He has particularly deep experience with developer products, and serves as a Marketing Advisor for the Heavybit Industries Accelerator

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